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Aseptic Blending System: Code Name Aseptic



Aseptic Blending System Description

Aspetic Blending was a system for producing products for large fortune 500. Products consisted of name brand retail products found on your local supermarket shelves and retail outlets.

System required the blending of food grade liquids with powders to create specialized formulas per this customers specifications. System specification require bulk ingredients be delivered from super sacks and a silo; while smaller minor ingredients be delivered from 50lbs bags through an Admix Station. Bulk liquids are held in storage tanks or delivered in totes. Liquids are then metered in per formula requirements, to quantity, into one of 4 blending tanks. Bulk powders are being delivered via dilute phase pneumatic systems that are accurately scaled above mixing tanks and metered in by a reversing screw conveyor. Temperature controls and automation at each mixing tank help to produce a final product that is pumped over to a separate packaging line. System utilizes sanitary design with automatic clean in place “CIP” system for sanitation.

This Aseptic blending system was controlled via automated PLC system including operating interfaces and safety interlocks.



Project Details

Code Name: Aseptic
Date 4/2014
Skills Electric, Mechanical, Sanitary, 3d Modeling, Process Engineering, Project Management, Millwright Services



Sugar Silo Installation

CIP Skid

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