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Calcium Carbonate Pneumatic Convey System: Code Name AIS



Dilute Phase Delivery System

Bulk Delivery system was installed to efficiently store and deliver the processes bulk material to a series of batching vessels. System specification require bulk ingredients to be delivered from a silo to one of two scaling hoppers.  Product is then delivered via screw conveyor to the mixer.  Bulk powders are being delivered via dilute phase system.  System required all compressed air to devices and aerators to be dehumidified.

This Dilute Phase system was controlled via automated PLC system including operating interfaces and safety interlocks.



Project Details

Code Name: AIS
Date 8/2013
Skills Electrical, Mechanical, 3d Modeling, Process Engineering, Project Management, Millwright Services


Silo Bulk Storage

Scale Hoppers

Dilute Phase Silo Equipment

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