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Silo Storage and Dense Phase: Code Name SER



Silo Storage and Dense Phase System

This system was designed for producing larger quantities of a cleaning product known as BarKeepers Friend. Both dry and liquid versions of this product can be found at local retail stores.

System required the capability of a truck unload system for bulk storage and method of delivery to one of two batching hoppers. System specification required the storage of bulk materials and a efficient method of delivering batch specific quantities automatically.  Dense phase was the obvious choice given the consistency of the bulk material, in this case feldspar.  System utilizes compressed air at specific intervals to deliver the product from its storage silo to the batching vessel.

This system was controlled via automated PLC system including operating interfaces and safety interlocks.



Project Details

Code Name:Servaas
Date 10/2010
Skills Electrical, Mechanical, Process Engineering, Project Management, Millwright Services


Bulk Storage



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