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Flour/Sugar Conveying System: Code Name HOS



Flour/Sugar Delivery System Description

This Flour/Sugar delivery system was built for Hostess Brands Mini Donut Line. Products consisted of name brand retail products found on your local supermarket shelves and retail outlets.

System required the delivery of 2 dry bulk ingredients and a small liquid delivery system for water, and  high fructose corn syrup. System required the blending of food grade liquids with dry ingredients to create a batch per this customers specifications. System specification require bulk ingredients be delivered from use bins; while smaller minor ingredients be delivered from 50lbs bags.Bulk liquids are delivered from their holding tanks to small batching vessels. Liquids are pumped in metered per formula requirements, to quantity. Bulk powders are being delivered via dilute phase pneumatic systems that are accurately scaled above blending bowls.

This batching system is controlled via PLC automation and utilizes HMI (Human Machine Interface) screens to allow operators full control of batch sizes and ingredient quantities



Project Details

Code Name: Donut Line
Date 6/2013
Skills Electric, Mechanical, Process Engineering, Project Management, Millwright Services


Pneumatic Sifting

Batching Hoppers


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