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Flour Rail Car Unload System: Code Name ABS



Flour Rail Car Unload System Description

ABS was a system designed to receive and deliver bulk flour from a rail car.  System utilizes a dilute phase convey system to effectively unload and deliver from the rail station to the flour holding silos.  Bulk flour is unloaded from the rail car and delivered  System required an intermediate holding vessel due to the convey distance to deliver to separate bulk silos.  All silos were converted to Radar Level Sensors and an automated electrical system determined which silo would be the receiving silo.

This Flour Rail Unload was controlled via automated PLC system including operating interfaces and safety interlocks.



Project Details

Code Name: ABS
Date: 5/2010

Skills Electric, Mechanical, Sanitary, 3d Modeling, Process Engineering, Project Management, Millwright Services


Rail Unload Bridge Support

Flour Convey Piping

Flour Rail Unload Loop

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