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Sugar Rail Unload System: Code Name MSUG



Sugar Rail Unload System Description

This project consisted of a Sucrose Melting System, Sugar Rail Unload System, and Super Sack Unloading System.  The Bulk product granulated sugar would be delivered via Rail Car and pneumatically conveyed to one of three destinations.  Granulated sugar could be sifted and delivered to Bulk Semi Trucks for distribution to other customers, or fed to scale hoppers which sit above sanitary liquid vessels.  If a smaller batch was required super sacks of granulated sugar were delivered pneumatically via a super sack unloading system to scale hoppers.

Liquid Sucrose was created by pneumatically delivering sugar to scale hoppers about liquid blending tanks.  Hot water was metered into the tanks and blended with the granulated sugar and heated for a period of time to pasteurize the final product. Once the Sucrose met required temperature it was delivered via centrifugal pumps in sanitary piping to bulk semi trucks.

This system was controlled via automated PLC system including operating interfaces and safety interlocks.


Project Details

Code Name: MSUG
Date 12/2007
Skills Electric, Mechanical, Sanitary, 3d Modeling, Process Engineering, Project Management, Millwright Services


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