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Sugar Silo Installation: Jelly Belly

Surgar Silo Installation Description

Large candy manufacturer hired our team to redesign there existing bulk sugar storage system.  Project began by redesigning structural steel to accommodate a new sugar silo on the roof the 100 year old factory.  Project scope included demolition of existing equipment, installation of structural steel, and conditioning of system to receive truck delivery of granulated bulk sugar.

New silo was outfitted with a twin screw discharge to help flow and prevent bridging in the silo.  The sugar was conveyed into a lump breaker, to break up chunks.  Sugar was then conveyed into process kettles for candy manufacturing.

Project was completed over a 5 day shutdown window.

Project Details

Code Name: Jelly Belly
Date 5/2009
Skills Electric, Mechanical, 3d Modeling, Process Engineering, Project Management, Millwright Services, Rigging, Structural Steel Fabrication

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