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Wheat Flour Pneumatic Delivery: Code Name HAR


Wheat Flour Pneumatic Delivery System Description

HAR was a system for producing products for a leading US bakery facility. Products consisted of name brand retail products found on your local supermarket shelves and retail outlets.

HAR system required receiving and bulk delivery of Wheat Flour from a silo.  Wheat flour would be received by the truck load and pneumatically delivered to one of 14 scale hoppers.  Of the 14 hoppers 9 would require a separate inlet to receive the new type of flour.  Each scale was removed and a temporary vessel was installed without affecting production.  Fabrication of a new inlet for each required scale hopper would be installed.  Each scale hopper was set on load cells to control the amount of delivered product.  Pneumatic piping was then tied into each scale hopper and feed from the bulk wheat flour silo.  Portions of the systems equipment was integrated into an existing PLC system and program changes made.  All remaining equipment was ran off a new PLC system.



Project Details

Code Name: HAR
Date: 4/2011
Skills Electric, Mechanical, 3d Modeling, Process Engineering, Project Management, Millwright Services


Wheat Flour Scale Hopper

Wheat Flour Piping

Wheat Flour Blower Stack

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